Rules of Play

WELCOME TO DMS Scenario Paintball!!!!

Here are the basic rules for play for DMS Scenarios. We want everyone to enjoy themselves, but also to understand the rules of play. These rules are not inclusive, but instead a guideline for the basics. Each game producer/ event organizer/ field owner will have game specific rules that may supersede these basic guidelines. It is very important that you read thru these rules, and have an understanding of them. You (each player) will be required to sign a form stating you have READ and UNDERSTAND these printed rules of play.
Playing Tip: Know this material… if you don’t, you’re at a serious disadvantage.
Keeping an eye open for “out of place” objects is highly encouraged. Not everything will be what it appears to be. These games include (but are not limited to) Role Playing, exotic props, and mind games.

The fields that host these events have camping areas for our players. Please contact the host field for details regarding their camp site availability and rules.
At some host sites, dumpsters or trash containers may be provided, others they won’t. Please leave the field in the condition you would want someone to leave your yard. If the field does not provide trash disposal, please take your trash with you.
Pre-registration is very important for the event producers to know how much paint and supplies to order Pre-registered players are normal guaranteed their choice of side. A player who does not pre-register will be placed on the side need by the producer.
Game Hint: If you want to play on a specific side, or guaranteed to play alongside your teammates, PRE-REGISTER!!!!

Upon check-in at the venue, you will receive a player’s pack with some or all of the following items in it:
Event Patch(s) showing the logo for the event you are playing.
ID BADGE: EXTREMELY IMPORTANT!!! The ID badge is your ticket to play in this game. Without it you will not be allowed to enter the playing area. Keep it around your neck or somewhere else on your person for safe keeping If you lose it, you will have to purchase another one. You will be required to have this badge to enter the field of play. This is the badge on which the referee at the chronograph will punch that your marker(s) has been cleared for play. This player card is also your ticket into your base. This identifies which side you are on and tells your command staff you appear to be legit.
In some cases, on the ID badge you will find your unique PLAYER ID NUMBER: This is the number we will be calling if you win a prize.
SPECIAL ROLE CARD: If you are playing a special role in the game, you will find a card pertinent to that role in your player pack or must obtain it from your commander. It is required to have with you while playing that role..
Players may, in some instances, portray more than one type of character during the course of the game. Make sure you check with the game specific rules for more information.
Players CAN NOT fake a role, they must have the assigned card from their commander in order to act the role. No excuses.
FIELD MAP: These maps are designed to give the individual player an overview of the playing area with marked major locations indicated on the map. NOTE: These maps may not be exactly to scale. They should be used as a reference only. Walk the field prior to game-on and get to know your way around and where things are located.

Event paint only! This is a no brainer. The field owners do their best to make sure that the best paint possible is being used for their events. Respect the field owners. If you are caught shooting off field paint, you will be escorted from the property with no refund. That simple. Paint sales will be available throughout the game, but just like with pre-registering for a certain side, if you want to guarantee the exact amount of paint you want, pre-order it!!!
High Pressure Nitrogen fills (4500psi) will be available during the entire course of play. All tanks filled must be within hydro, there will be no exceptions. Self air fill stations (ex: Scuba Tanks) are not permitted. Some fields may still have CO2 fills available, but since most players use HPA, it is best to call the field ahead to make sure.
Vary from game to game and field to field. Generally they are 260 – 280 feet per second during daytime play, and 230 – 250 feet per second during nighttime play.All markers must be chronographed and your ID Badge chrono-punched by an event referee prior to entering the field of play at game-on, dinner break (nighttime speeds), and game-on Sunday. Referees with hand-held chronographs may spot check your marker on the field. Markers that are shooting “hot” are a serious safety hazard and will not be tolerated. Repeated chronograph offenses will result in ejection from the event. LAW Rockets and Tanks have a different chrono speed.

Defined by the field map, boundaries will be marked in field flagging tape during the event.
Each side will have an assigned Insertion Point (IP). These are the only locations that players may enter and leave the field of play.
There are two types of insertions: HOT & COLD. All insertions will be considered as Cold, unless otherwise instructed by a ref at your IP.
COLD INSERTION: You are required to go to your Base of Operations before removing your Barrel Blocking Device and becoming a live player.
HOT INSERTION: A referee will instruct you will be entering a HOT area and to pull your BBD before entering the field. You will be a live player as you step onto the field of play.
Playing Tip: For Hot insertions, your base or the area nearby is not FRIENDLY! Heads up; it’s time to rock and roll! Get ready to pull the trigger!

GOGGLES! GOGGLES! GOGGLES!!!! Keep them on your face at all times when you’re on the field. The only safe areas for goggles to be off on the field, is inside the command shacks netted areas. There are no exceptions to this rule. Barrel Blocking Bags are required on the field of play, Barrel plugs are not.
There are no tools allowed on the field except by referees. If your marker goes down and you need to do repairs, take it off the field and work on it. It would suck getting bunkered while working on your marker, just saying.
All decisions of the field referee staff pertaining to play are final. Under no circumstances is anyone permitted to ARGUE with a field judge. Referees are there to enforce safety, not to help you out. Arguing with a ref is a quick way to find yourself sitting in the parking lot.
Paint marks on a player or their gear bigger then a quarter are considered hits. If you are hit, place your marker over your head with your barrel cover on and yell in a loud voice “HIT!!” Be warned, paint will be in the air. You may, and in most cases will, catch a few more paintballs as you are walking away. Remember to move as quick as possible out of the fire fight and proceed to your respawn. Remember, if you are carrying anything from the game (ie props, mission cards ect) as soon as you are hit you must drop them. You can not turn anything in as a dead player.
PAINT CHECKS: You as a player may call and ask a referee for a paint check. Remember, the player is still alive until a ref confirms and probably still shooting at you. Keep that in mind.
In general, there is no standing surrender rule. You may find yourself in close quarters combat with your opponent. You may offer someone within 10 feet the “Surrender” option. Remember, it is not mandatory and they can turn and shoot you.

Barrel tags consist of someone gently tapping you with the barrel of their marker. They will say something to the effect of “Take the Hit” or “Barrel Tag”. The verbiage is not as important as the action itself. This is not an optional action. If barrel tagged, the player is automatically eliminated and should proceed to the spawn point. At no time should an eliminated player say anything other then “Hit”. Remember, Dead Men don’t talk!! The barrel used for tagging a player MUST be attached to an actual paintball marker.
If the Field/Producer allows night time play, they will include these rules in the game specific rules amended to these rules.
No physical contact between players is allowed. You will be removed from the premises without a refund, this is non negotiable.
Yes, you must wear a paintball goggle system. NO yellow goggles allowed for players. This is reserved for field staff and referees only.
Barrel Blocking Device (BBD)

Paintball markers that shoot paintballs. Some fields may allow you to use specialty rounds like First Strike Rounds. That is up to the field. All markers must be chrono’d at field specific speeds (generally between 280-300 FS for day play). Firing modes are at the fields
Grenades bought from the fields are legal. End of story.
Law (Light Anti-Tank Weapon) rocket launchers (LAWs).
These SRPLs must chronograph under a speed of 230 FPS (all the time) during day and night play.
Each and every SRPL must be chronographed with the event head ref / ultimate present before it can or will be allowed on the field of play.
SRPLs can only destroy tanks, pugs, helicopters, or any other device explained in the game specific rules. SRPLs can not be used to destroy bunkers unless specifically in the Game Specific Rules. Players can not be eliminated by LAW rockets unless they are in a tank, on a helicopter ect.

All vehicles must meet the following conditions:

Max Speed: Limited to 5 mph or a fast walking speed, whichever is slower. No exceptions.
Fully functional brakes. No exceptions.
Fully functional headlights: If used at night. No exceptions
ASTM approved paintball goggle system: Mandatory. Must be worn at all times by all players inside the vehicle. No exceptions.
Dead /Eliminated Indicator: Must be able to be readily identified by players and refs
Team Indicator: Tank must be taped with team tape on all corners of the vehicle. This includes pugs
Markers inside tank Chrono Speed: 260 day, Chrono speeds are lowered slightly because these vehicles close distances quickly (it’s hard for a person inside a vehicle to hear a person outside yelling “hit”). When hit / eliminated by a vehicle/tank, raise your MARKER or HAND above your head immediately!!!
Tank / Vehicle Main Gun: 230 FPS max velocity. (If the tank does not have a LAW, see game producer/Field owner)
Vehicles can also: Transport people and props, destroy structures and bunkers, or act as a stationary bunker.
Tanks MUST provide their own safety walker

Ways to eliminate vehicles
These may vary, depending on the theme of the game/event:

SRPLs, PACs & LAWs: One impact from a Nerf Round eliminates the vehicle.
Satchel charge and Grenades- Immobilze tank for 5 minutes, but weapons still work!!

IMPORTANT NOTE TO PLAYERS: There is a safety space of 20-FOOT distance around all tanks. If a tank or a live player intentionally comes within 20 feet of each other, the aggressor(s) will be called eliminated. Furthermore, tanks and / or players who intentionally violate this 20-foot boundary are subject to ejection from the event. This is a serious safety issue. Tanks may not encroach within 20 feet of a live player behind a bunker (i.e. – do not chase players around – or from – their cover). Players may not hide and use this rule to eliminate a tank.

Players may NOT approach any tank, insert a marker barrel into an opening and shoot the occupants. You will be ejected from the field!

The teams will be split 1st by pre-registered players. Once this is done, all walk -ons (players paying after the pre registration dead line) will be placed on the side that the producer feels they are needed. AGAIN, ONLY PRE-REGISTERD PLAYERS WILL GET THIER CHOICE OF SIDE THEY WOULD LIKE TO PLAY FOR.

Only allowed by producer. Very simple.

Arm band tape is mandatory unless otherwise stated in game specific rules. It must be worn between the elbow and shoulder on either arm.

You must be taped up by a the command staff of the team whose ABT you’re trying to get. You cannot pick up ABT off the ground or get it from ANY other source other than by an enemy command staff.

Each team will have a commander and team leadership structure. It is up to the commanders and their staff to create a game plan. They are also the ones to ask about any specialty roles. Some games, the commander may be worth points if eliminated. Commanders and XO’s are players, meaning they are not restricted to the command shack.
Do not bring paint markers into the command bunker!
Do not point a paint marker into or out of the command bunker!
Command structures are eliminated by placing a detonating device (game specific: could be dynamite, nuclear device, ect) inside the designated area outside the base. A referee will eliminate all players, and make it a Hot Insertion until the base is retaken. Players can camp enemy bases, but be advised they will be coming in hot!!! No player is allowed inside the enemy command shack.
No player within a 50 foot radius of their own base can be eliminated by another player wearing the same colored Arm Band Tape.

There are many types of missions, depending on the producer. Pay attention to the mission card!!!!

All game props (helicopters, toys, money, etc.) must remain IN PLAY (on the field of play) during the game. You can not take them out to your car and STASH them, nor lock them up in your commander’s box! A player carrying a prop when eliminated must drop the prop where they stand, no excuses.
Remember, these are just a guideline. Producers and field owners have the final say!!! And always remember, Lying is Encouraged, Cheating is Foridden!!!!

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