Battle for Serenity Valley – Storyline

DMS Scenario Paintball presents

The Battle for Serenity Valley

A 1-Day Scenario Paintball Event

Based on Firefly



The year is 2517. The ‘Earth-that-was” is a distant memory. Humans have terra-formed and colonized many planets and moons of a distant star system, but it is a time of civil war! The Sino-American Alliance is trying to bring all of the colonies under the control of one central government. While members of the outlying worlds, wishing to maintain their independence, have formed the Independent Army. The Unification War rages on, but the most important battle has yet to be fought.

On a quiet planet, in a pristine, forested valley, a unique resource has been found! A resource which, when owned will completely turn the tide of the war! The location is Serenity Valley. The Independent Army has dispatched the 57thOverlanders, also known as the “Browncoats”. Under command of General Jack “Warthog” Langfald of Team 307, the “Browncoats” are the last hope of the Independent Army.

The Alliance Army, under command of Kevin “Hooligan” Rawlings of the Dead Muppets Squad and Modern Day Pirates, fights to bring order to the galaxy and end the war!

Not only will the battle rage between these two armies, but both must maintain their supplies of food and water, and both armies must keep guard, as the brutal and psychotic Reavers are never far away. And NEVER take prisoners!


Will you join the “Browncoats” and fight for independence? Or will you join the Alliance and fight for unification? Join us on July 13, 2019, and Paintball Adventures in Sedalia, Colorado, and help decide the fate of the Galaxy! Costumes HIGHLY recommended!!!

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