Heroes Divided Storyline

Heroes Divided Storyline

The Avengers have uncovered Thanos’ plot to harness the power of the Infinity Stones. Unfortunately, when they discovered the power of the stones, Iron Man yearns to harness their power for the good of the planet, while Captain America see’s them as the gravest threat and seeks to destroy them!

The tenuous peace between Iron Man and Captain America has been shattered. The Avengers are once again split and battling each other, and the world is now threatened by Thanos and his minions.

Join us August 27-28,2016, at Kiowa Creek Airsoft & Paintball for this event! Will you side with Team Iron Man, being led by Chris “Beast” Biesterfeld? Or will you join Team Cap, being led by Ted “Snowman” Sharsmith? Which team will come out victorious and ultimately possess the power of the Infinty stones? You help decide!!!

This scenario event will involve use of shielded players, role players with special “hero” powers, and a 3rd party NPC team of Thanos’ minions!!! Costuming for the game is highly recommended and there will be a costume contest!

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