Online Registration is Now Closed

Online registration for Battle for Serenity Valley is now closed. You can register at the field Friday evening between 5-7pm, or Saturday morning starting at 630am.

Battle for Serenity Valley – Storyline

DMS Scenario Paintball presents The Battle for Serenity Valley A 1-Day Scenario Paintball Event Based on Firefly   Storyline The year is 2517. The ‘Earth-that-was” is a distant memory. Humans have terra-formed and colonized many planets and moons of a distant star system, but it is a time of civil war! The Sino-American Alliance is trying to bring all of the colonies under the control of one ...[Read More]

We’re Back and Ready to Rock

Welcome back to DMS Scenario Paintball! We hope you love our new, and much easier to use website! To register for our next event, simply click the registration link at the top of the page. You will register a new account when you go to checkout! If you are registering multiple players, please make sure you give us their firs an last name, and call sign in the order notes box!

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