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Heroes Divided – Special Shield Rules

We are allowing shields for the Heroes Divided game, but there are several special requirements. Shields can be no bigger than 2′ x 3′, with a 4″ lip. Shield bearers will be restricted to carrying only a sidearm/pistol style paintball gun that is pump or mag-fed mechanical only. No hopper. Shield bears will NOT be able to have another role., i.e. medic, demo etc. Shield bearers c...[Read More]

Heroes Divided Storyline

The Avengers have uncovered Thanos’ plot to harness the power of the Infinity Stones. Unfortunately, when they discovered the power of the stones, Iron Man yearns to harness their power for the good of the planet, while Captain America see’s them as the gravest threat and seeks to destroy them! The tenuous peace between Iron Man and Captain America has been shattered. The Avengers are once again s...[Read More]

We’re Back and Ready to Rock

Welcome back to DMS Scenario Paintball! We hope you love our new, and much easier to use website! To register for our next event, simply click the registration link at the top of the page. You will register a new account when you go to checkout! If you are registering multiple players, please make sure you give us their firs an last name, and call sign in the order notes box!

Band of Brothers: Operation Husky

On the night of July 9th, 1943, Allied forces began the invasion of Sicily. General Patton and General Montgomery led two allied task forces. The US 82nd Airborne executed a daring nighttime drop, followed by an amphibious landing. For 39 days, the Allies battled the Italian and German Axis forces. Ultimately, Axis forces withdrew from Sicily on August 17th, having suffered over 200,000 casualties...[Read More]

Band of Brothers: Special Roles

Band of Brothers: Operation Husky will have multiple roles players can play during the game! All players will be required to wear arm band tape clearly identifying which team they are on! All special role players will have special colored arm band tape, and a role card that explains the special rules of the role! Demolitions (Bazooka): Demo players are the ONLY players who can use anti-tank launch...[Read More]

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