Band of Brothers: Operation Husky

May 21-22, 2016 @ Kiowa Creek Airsoft and Paintball, Bennett, CO

Band of Brothers: Operation Husky

On the night of July 9th, 1943, Allied forces began the invasion of Sicily. General Patton and General Montgomery led two allied task forces. The US 82nd Airborne executed a daring nighttime drop, followed by an amphibious landing. For 39 days, the Allies battled the Italian and German Axis forces. Ultimately, Axis forces withdrew from Sicily on August 17th, having suffered over 200,000 casualties, including 120,000 captured, and the Allies suffering around 25,000 casualties.

On May 21-22, 2016, join us at Kiowa Creek Airsoft and Paintball, as we bring back to life this pivotal event of World War II. Our generals will be Chuck Slife, of the Commonwealth Expeditionary Forces leading the Allied Forces, and Tommy Hobaugh, of Team Krosfire, leading the Axis Forces.

Which side will you choose? Will history be repeated with an Allied victory, or will the Axis rise up and repel the invaders of Sicily? You will make it happen!

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