Band of Brothers: Special Roles

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Band of Brothers: Operation Husky will have multiple roles players can play during the game!
All players will be required to wear arm band tape clearly identifying which team they are on!
All special role players will have special colored arm band tape, and a role card that explains the special rules of the role!
Demolitions (Bazooka): Demo players are the ONLY players who can use anti-tank launchers! Launchers destroy a tank if any part of the tank is hit with a nerf rocket fired from a hand held launcher, or mortar. Rockets, fired from launcher, or dynamite can be used to destroy a structure. Dynamite can destroy a tank, but dynamite must be placed in the path of the tank, and tank must drive over the dynamite. Rocket launchers may NOT be used to attack paratroop drops, rockets should NEVER be fired at a player. If a demo player destroys a structure, that player is NEUTRAL while taping of the structure with demo tape. Structure may not be used until repaired by engineer.
Engineer/para-troop pilot: Engineers can repair destroyed structures, by removing demo tape. Engineers may also be used to perform para-troop drops, using the large pole with Rope attached. Players must hold the rope until pilot “drops them” by lowering the pole. Players are neutral and can NOT be shot until the pole drops, then they are live. Para-troop drops may NOT be shot down with rockets.
Medic: Medics will be given “medic cards” that allow and eliminated player to be healed. When a player is shot, they must raise gun above head, and call for a medic. If the player moves, other than taking a knee, before medic arrives, player is eliminated. A dead player waiting for a medic is still a live target, but can not shoot back! If a medic does not arrive within 60 seconds, player is eliminated. Medic must write player number on “medic card” and wipe the hit from the player. Head shots can NOT be healed. Full medic cards count for points when turned in. No player may be healed more than 3 times on a medic card.
Sniper: Each army will have 1 single designated sniper. The sniper will have a limited “ammunition” card. If the sniper wishes to use the snipe ability, they must locate a ref and inform them which player they wish to snipe. That player must be visible to the sniper and ref when calling the shot. Ref will then locate the sniped player and call them dead. The sniped players number will be recorded on the sniper card.

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